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This blog runs on nerdiness and Love (with just a touch of obsession) <3

"You will seek me and find me when you seek me with your whole heart."
-Jeremiah 29:13 (via littlelacelight)


This goes out to you, if you don’t think that you’re special, or beautiful. Well, I think that you are. And God knows that you are beautiful and special— and so much more. That’s what makes you different. There are people here in this world who aim for superficial beauty, success or fame, but you, beloved— you have Jesus. You already have in your life— inside of you— much, much more than what they’re all trying to achieve. Your Father in heaven granted to you the treasures of heaven, treasures that won’t spoil, and that’s because of Jesus. Don’t let a place that you don’t belong in discourage you.

Dear SON of God, you are beautiful &amp; special and your heart shows it as well!

love this 

I would never deny him. ❤🙏
"God can’t fill you if you are too full of yourself."
My lunch was quite tasty today :3
My little bear (and her occasional inch ability to take selcas) #chia #chiapet
Couldn&#8217;t live without it :3 #love #loveconquersall #fosho
First time here with my uncle. It&#8217;s been a&#8230;morning. It feels nice to sit down before work. Lord please lead and guide us through today. (at The River City Brewing Company Galley &amp; Tavern)
The only thing that saves me from waking up looking like the Bride of Frankenstein lol #theinfamousbraid