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This blog runs on nerdiness and Love (with just a touch of obsession) <3


Unmasked by SpcatsTasha
I can now function properly~
You obviously don&#8217;t live in Florida. We haven&#8217;t seen the sun in days

I think it’s high time I showed you all my birthday cake

And that is my #DONE face lol I&#8217;m gonna try this recording thing again in the A.M. #mymojoisoff
Blehhh :P trying to get back into the groove of recording a video. This is my tired and #notamused face

It took three years to remaster this game and they leave this in

Made pizza stuffed croissants~&lt;3
Yayy baking again! My favorite kind! White chocolate chip macadamia nut!! x)
*heavy breathing* I&#8217;m a bit nervous&#8230;. *chickensh!t intensifies*
Making lunch~
Trying very hard to fall in love with onions 😝